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Welcome to FTL Concrete, a reputable Concrete Company in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Our skilled Concrete Contractor will transform your space into a masterpiece. Whether you need a new Concrete Driveway, concrete repair, or pool deck, we will take care of it. Our competence and diligence ensure exceptional results in every undertaking. So, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Choose FTL Concrete for all your concrete needs. We work with Pride at All Time!

Are you ready to take your outdoor space to the next level? We can bring your vision to life. We offer various possibilities, from Stamped Concrete to decorative overlays, tailored to your style and budget. You can rest assured we make no compromise on quality. Don’t wait any longer. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate, and let’s create the outdoor oasis of your dreams!

Concrete is a reliable material for residential and commercial construction. It is durable, needs minimum maintenance, and offers several design options, making it a top choice for different projects.

Concrete is the least expensive compared to other materials. The higher utility and affordable price of concrete make it a popular option. Its growing popularity of concrete has led to an upsurge in demand for skilled concrete contractors.

As a skilled Concrete Pouring Company, FTL Concrete is proficient in all aspects of concrete work, such as foundations, patios, pool decks, and installations. Let’s explore the benefits of using concrete, different design and options.

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    What is exactly Concrete?

    Concrete is a composite material widely used in construction for its strength and durability. It consists of a mixture of cement, water, aggregates (such as sand or gravel), and often admixtures for specific properties. Once mixed, it can be poured into molds or forms to create structures ranging from curbs and roads to buildings and bridges. Upon curing, concrete hardens into a solid mass, providing structural stability and resilience against various environmental factors. Its versatility, affordability, and ability to be molded into different shapes make it a cornerstone material in the modern construction industry.

    Concrete Repair Contractor Fort Lauderdale

    Is your concrete looking worn and damaged, in need of a little TLC? FTL Concrete is here to save the day with our top-notch services and expertise in concrete repair. Trust us to fix any cracks, holes, or imperfections in your concrete, leaving it looking good as new in no time. Don’t wait, contact us today!

    FTL Concrete specializes in seamless repairs for all your concrete needs. Our team of experts will assess the damage and provide a tailored solution to restore your concrete to its former glory. With our quality products and exceptional service, your concrete will be looking flawless in no time. Reach out to us now for a quote!

    Residential Concrete Services

    Our residential services provide a range of solutions for both large and small construction. We are a local concrete company specializing in working with homeowners to complete various jobs from decorative concrete, slab and more.

    Do you need a poured concrete foundation? We can help you find the correct design and materials suited to your needs. FTL Concrete will ensure the timely and precise completion.

    With loads of experience and local knowledge, our concrete contractors can handle any job, regardless of size or complexity. We can also guide you on the upkeep of the concrete surface to preserve its strength and visual appeal.

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    From Drab to Fab: Kickstart Your Home's Transformation with Our Concrete Artistry Services

    Modern Concrete Driveway

    Concrete Driveway

    Concrete driveway service provides professional installation and maintenance for durable and long-lasting driveways. Enhance your curb appeal with our expert services.

    Concrete Pool Deck

    Concrete pool deck service offers durable and stylish options for creating a safe and functional outdoor space around your pool.

    Concrete Patio Contractor

    Patios provide a durable and low-maintenance outdoor space. They offer a versatile design option and can improve the overall aesthetic of your home.

    Concrete Paving Contractors

    Concrete Resurfacing

    Concrete resurfacing revitalizes worn or damaged surfaces by applying a new layer, enhancing appearance, durability, and extending the lifespan of concrete.

    Concrete Contractor Fort Lauderdale

    Concrete Foundation Services

    Building a strong foundation is essential for any construction endeavour. A solid base ensures stability and longevity for the structure.

    Retaining Wall Near Me

    Retaining Wall

    Building a concrete retaining wall provides stability and prevents soil erosion. It enhances the aesthetics of the landscape and increases property value. Floridians occasionally need a Concrete Wall to enhance their property!

    Commercial Concrete Services

    Offering expansive solutions for businesses, the Commercial Services section provides a comprehensive range of services to facilitate any type of project. This includes commercial foundation contractors who specialize in assessing, planning and installing concrete foundations for businesses.

    We offer concrete installation services such as pouring and setting concrete floors and other structures like walls and walkways. Professional concrete contractors complete commercial projects efficiently.

    We can handle various commercial concrete constructions, such as sidewalks, roadways, curbs and parking lots, which demand proven expertise. FTL Concrete provide these services with a high degree of precision while complying with all safety regulations. 


    Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

    We keep everyone safe, our clients and our employees. Our level of responsability is unmatched.

    We Follow Best Practices

    The Best Concrete Contractor never cuts corners and always do things the right way and no other way!

    What are the Benefits of Concrete

    Concrete carries several benefits for businesses, ranging from longevity to cost savings. When constructing a concrete sidewalk or concrete paver, a concrete contractor can provide durable and low maintenance materials that are able to withstand harsh weather conditions over an extended period of time.

    Moreover, the cost of using concrete is often more economical compared to other alternatives such as natural stone or pavers, making it an ideal option for those looking to manage their overall costs. Additional benefits include ease-of-repair with minimal disruption and increased sustainability over the long term. To get a detailed estimate, consult with a concrete contracting expert.

    Furthermore, due to its strong structural integrity, concrete can easily be combined with other materials for added aesthetic appeal without compromising on quality. When considering a patio or driveway contractor for any undertaking involving the use of concrete.

    You can make an informed decision by evaluating different contractors regarding material selection and installation techniques. It helps you get maximum value for your money. 

    Concrete Design Options

    Given its numerous advantages, the use of concrete offers a wide range of design options when planning any outdoor renovation project.

    To begin with, it is possible to create basic patterns in the surface of the concrete using tools such as stampers, groovers and saws. We can design anything from simple geometric designs like circles or squares to more complex designs such as brickwork or cobblestone.

    Additionally, decorative touches such as exposed aggregate (pebbles embedded into the surface) and acid-based stains can add color and texture to an otherwise plain area.

    Concrete lets you create cool shapes, such as steps, walls, benches and more, which you might not pull off with other materials.

    You can become even more creative with precast concrete molds. You can choose from ready-made shapes like stone blocks or faux wood planks to add cool accents to your outdoor living area.

    Lastly, stamped overlays offer a cost effective way to resurface existing concrete with a variety of textures and colors without having to completely tear out existing surfaces.

    All these design possibilities make concrete an attractive choice for any outdoor renovation project at FTL Concrete!

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    The Concrete Jungle: Exploring the Wild and Diverse World of Concrete Mixes!

    A wide variety of concrete types exist, each providing unique benefits for outdoor renovation projects.

    Standard Concrete

    Standard or plain concrete is the most common and budget-friendly choice for residential construction. It is manufactured using cement, sand, gravel, and water. It is widely used for curbs, sidewalks, pool decks, and patios.

    Colored Concrete

    Colored concrete can be stained or integrally colored to provide a unique aesthetic look. Special admixture additives can also be added to standard concrete mix designs to achieve specific performance characteristics such as increased strength or improved durability.

    High Performance

    High-performance or architectural concrete is engineered specifically for demanding applications where extra strength or an extended lifespan are required. This type of concrete may contain additional ingredients such as pozzolans (volcanic ash), silica fume (microscopic particles of silicon dioxide) and fibers (glass, steel wool). These additions help reduce permeability in harsh environments while increasing the compressive strength of the material. High-performance concretes are often used in bridge decks and tall buildings due to their superior load bearing capacity when compared with standard mixes.

    Based on 11 reviews
    Cortni Wolff
    Cortni Wolff
    They came out and made our driveway the talk of our block. Stamped concrete looks so amazing they are so great!!!!
    Chris Wolff
    Chris Wolff
    Came out rocked the job and left. 100% recommend!!!!!!
    James Bastin
    James Bastin
    Hired FTL to install a new patio for a rental property I recently closed on. They gave me a fair price and completed the job on time. Being remote I had to rely on local help to keep a track. It all worked out great.
    Liz Hankins
    Liz Hankins
    FTL Concrete and Tyler were amazing. I had my driveway concrete redone on a property I own in Pompano Beach and the work was great. I’m super satisfied. Easy crew to work with and the work was done quickly. They left my property very clean. Thanks FTL!
    MadgeJablonski Comedy
    MadgeJablonski Comedy
    FTL Concrete (Tyler) did an outstanding job on two outdoor projects for a very large estate on the Intracoastal in Fort Lauderdale. Both projects were small but very detailed and what impressed me the most was that Tyler did not let this interfere with his workmanship or agreeing to do the work. One project involved concrete formwork and replacing a missing piece of concrete onto a concrete base trim in front of the main house. Tyler did a precise job, and the new piece is a perfect match. FTL concrete is very conscientious and talented and makes sure the work is completed and done correctly. We would not hesitate to hire them again and recommend this company to anyone seeking a new outdoor space, remodel or repairs. Thank you FTL Concrete for your expertise. aka Ruth Nadolny
    Fantastic job from start to finish by FTL Concrete. For my house in Boca Raton 🏡, I needed some extensive refurbishment that included a curb, driveway, steps, and porch. The quality of the work was excellent and the price was quoted fair enough. Very solid contractor! Highly recommend them.
    Ryan King
    Ryan King
    Amazing Concrete Contractor! We did our driveway and pathway going back to our patio and they have done great!! It was done really fast and well! Maybe the patio next year but the front needed an upgrade first! Thanks Kyle and the crew
    Elisa DeFoe
    Elisa DeFoe
    Fantastic job with these guys at FTL Concrete. My driveway was in ruins and I decided it was time for a new Stamped Concrete Driveway! Flawless experience. Could not have been better. So happy and highly recommend this company!
    Julio Rumbaut
    Julio Rumbaut
    FTL Concrete was great to do my stamped concrete on my driveway. Breaking and removing the old driveway and putting the new one in just a couple of days. Solid Concrete Contractor!

    FAQ About Concrete

    What is the typical cost of a concrete Construction

    The typical cost depends on the scope and size naturally. Factors such as the type of concrete used, labor costs, delivery fees, and any additional materials required will all impact the total cost.

    The cost can range from $3 to $15 per square foot for basic projects, while more complex jobs such as concrete pavers, concrete resurfacing, or ornamental elements may cost between $10 and $20 per square foot.

    How long does a concrete project typically take to complete?

    Concrete Construction Services typically take between three to seven days on average to complete, depending on the size and complexity and the quality of the project management team. The time required for completion is determined by the amount of labor and materials needed, in addition to any special treatments or reinforcements requested.

    Planning is also an important factor in determining the total duration of a concrete project; it can take up to one week for contractors to plan out the job properly before beginning work.

    Are there any maintenance requirements for concrete?

    Concrete is a material that requires maintenance to ensure that it remains in good condition. Maintenance requirements for concrete include regular cleaning, sealing, and regularly filling cracks or other damage.

    To clean the surface of the concrete, use a mild detergent and water solution with a brush or pressure washer to remove dirt and debris. Sealing should be done every two years to protect against moisture penetration, staining, and general wear and tear.

    Filling cracks is an important part of maintenance as they can worsen over time if left unaddressed; caulking made from cement-based products should be used for this purpose.

    Are there any warranties available for concrete projects?

    Warranties for concrete construction include both short-term and long-term coverage. Short-term warranties are typically for a period of one year or less and cover the materials used, labor costs, and potential repair costs should any issues arise.

    Longer-term warranties can extend up to 10 years or more and may provide coverage for structural integrity as well as other damages that may occur due to weathering or settling over time.

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